Business Insurance

Protect your company’s profitability and assets with help from an S.S. Nesbitt business insurance professional who understands your objectives and can help you manage the risks you face every day. S.S. Nesbitt’s commercial insurance specialists bring broad expertise in the complexities of doing business today, so they can tailor comprehensive insurance solutions that address your most difficult issues. As your risk management partner, S.S. Nesbitt works for you – not the insurance company. From property and casualty coverage to protecting your employees from work-related injury or illness, we offer a variety of tools to help mitigate your overall exposure.


Protect against catastrophic loss of your business’s physical and operational assets, from buildings and vehicles to trademarks and data.


The law requires employers to carry insurance coverage for the medical expenses and lost wages of employees injured on the job. Since injury definitions and required benefits vary by state, it’s wise to assess your needs with help from an S.S. Nesbitt professional.


For most companies operating in today’s litigious society, a general liability policy is no longer enough. Consider management liability insurance that can help protect your organization – and your primary decision makers – from legal actions, fiduciary liabilities, and the high cost of crime.


Eligible for businesses throughout the State of Alabama. Over 48 agents throughout Alabama participate in the program. This is the largest group that Penn National writes in the country. Program is completing its 5th calendar year. A dividend has been paid in each of these years, with an average dividend of 10% return. This is the only program in the State of Alabama that pays a dividend on non-workers compensation premiums.